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Bird Photos and Nature Photos
by Antti Below


Week 40
There were hundreds of Bean Geese, White-fronted Geese and Barnacle Geese near my home. On Friday I drove quickly to an interview about management of shore meadows, when I noticed a flock of geese near the road. I noticed one pale individual among them and stopped the car. I quickly watched by binoculars and identified the bird as Pink-footed Goose, quite rare in southern Finland. I jumped out of car, took about twenty pics and rushed to an interview.  When returning, the Pink-footed was not visible anymore, but luckily some of the pics were ok.

Week 38

I took my dog out one morning and when returning from a short walk to home I heard intensive call "viit" from the forest edge. I went on walking but trying to  figure out the species. After 20-30 meters walk I somehow wondered, what kind of call Orange-flanked Bluetail might have. I knew the "trrt" call, but this was not familiar to me. I took my phone and searched the call of OfBt from Xeno-Canto. And the call matched!  The bird came immediately visible. I took my dog quickly home and took my camera with me. I played the call again and the bird came back t the forest edge. Below three photos of this bird.

Some shoots from 2019:

In spring I photographed grazy Hazel Grouse in Helsinki, Rock Pipit in Porvoo archipelago and White-tailed Sea Eagle in Kuusamo from hide.

In June I joined a group of ornithologists who made line transect countings in Lapland. Below some results from that journey. Rough-legged Buzzard, Lapland Buntings, Temminck's Stint, Long-tailed Ducks and Long-tailed Skuas.

During 2019 I made seabird countings by boat in Helsinki-Sipoo offshore area and I encountered Little Gulls in various plumages.

Also Common Guillemots, Black Guillemots and one young Red-necked Phalarope was photographed.

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